Mary Adeline JOHNSON - Media
Mary Adeline JOHNSON - Media
1850 IN Jackson p149
1850 IN Jackson p149 Matthew Johnson. Matthew Johnson (line 34) age 38, son Clark Johnson (line 36) age 15 born in Indiana. Clark’s brother George (line 39) is who Clark’s daughter Mary Adeline Johnson lives with for a short time in 1880 before her marriage to Francis Hardesty.
1870 MO Barton p809
1870 MO Barton p809 Clark Johnson. Clark Johnson age 35 (line 13), third wife Vienna “Vine” (McClure) Johnson age 32, Eliza? age12, William (Henry) Johnson age12, and then to add confusion there are two Marys and two James, Mary E age 10 and James W age 8 must be from Vienna’s first marriage. From Clark Lawrence and his first wife Sarah (McClure) Johnson’s famlly are: William (Henry) Johnson age12 (line 16), Mary A(deline) Johnson age 11 (line 17) and James A(lbert) Johnson age 9 (line 19).
1880 MO Barton Mary A Johnson
1880 MO Barton Mary A Johnson. Mary Adeline Johnson (age 19) on line 46, stayed in Missouri and lives with her uncle George Johnson (age 35) and his mother, Mary (Cox) Johnson (age 76) until she married in 1881. Mary Adeline Johnson’s second husband is listed here as William Rector age 21 (line10).
1900 MO Barton p101A Mary A Johnson
1900 MO Barton p101A Mary A Johnson. Mary Adeline Johnson age 38 (line 5), first husband Francis Hardesty age 41 (line 4) and son William H. Hardestyage 17 (line 6).
1910 MO Barton p4a Adaline M Johnson
1910 MO Barton p4a Adeline M Johnson. Mary Adeline Johnson, James Albert Johnson’s sister married twice. Francis Marion Hardesty and the William David Rector age 53 (line 5), Mary Adeline Johnson age 49 (line 6), William D Rector’s son from 1st marriage? Ola E. age 20 (line 7).
1920 MO Barton p5A Mary Adaline Johnson
1920 MO Barton p5A Mary Adeline Rector. Mary Adeline (Johnson) Hardesty Rector age 57 (line 23) and her 2nd husband William David Rector age 59 (line 22). Neither can read or write.
1930 MO Barton p2A William D Rector
Mary Adeline (Johnson) on the next page line 51. Husband William B Rector on this page line 50.
1930 MO Barton p2B Mary A Johnson
Mary Adeline (Johnson) on this page line 51.
Mary Adeline Rector dc
Mary Adeline (Johnson) Hardesty, Rector death certificate, notice name of father as Johnson and the name of her son as Will(iam) Hardesty. This document ties Mary’s whole life together. It is unfortunate that her maiden name of Johnson was left off of her headstone.

I discovered through research, but also in collection of Phil Rector, Great Grandson of William David Rector.
Mary Adeline Hardesty Rector headstone
Mary Adeline (Johnson) Hardesty, Rector headstone, photography by Phillip Rector. This is located in Milford, Barton County, Missouri, Round Prairie Cemetery, very hard to find as it displays neither her first name “Mary” nor her surname “Johnson”, but rather her middle name “Adeline” with her first husband Fancis Marion Hardesty’s last name and finally her second husband William David Rector’s last name.
William Henry Hardesty WWI
Mary Adeline (Johnson) Hardesty, Rector’s son William Henry Hardesty’s WWI draft registration card from 1912. Her name here is listed as Adeline Rector.

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