Our American Family
Our American Family
Compiled by John Henry Johnson

Almost 15,000 relatives are listed here!

I created this website for you, my relatives, who want to know about our family’s rich history and preserve this knowledge for future generations.

IF you find something wrong, email me. I’ll fix it and credit you.


First, as a celebration of my father Buddy Johnson’s 100th birthday, I created a website and a book celebrating the 100th anniversary of his birth, now in its 2nd edition. Thanks for the orders, he remains well loved indeed!

Buddy Johnson A Colorado Original can be ordered from buddyjohnson.net.

Many of you knew and loved Dad and remember how much fun he was. He was an original and I tried to capture his spirit in my book. If you never met Dad, but only heard stories, they were probably true. You’re in for a real treat for he was a genuine character and lived an incredible life! Our family (on both sides) is included back to the early 1800s.

The biography covers his life in music, radio and TV from the 1940s to the 80s. The very beginning of TV which included people like Gene Autry, Roy Rogers, Ernest Tubb and Hank Williams. So I’ve included images and stories of the many Western actors, musicians and TV personalities that he knew well, many of whom were friends.

I mainly created this for Dad’s grandchildren and his great grandchildren, and so future generations would know our family history from the mid 1800s to the 1980s.

The richly illustrated, hardback Coffee-Table book Buddy Johnson A Colorado Original is 178 pages with 378 images. Readers have remarked: “beautiful”, “I received the book today and it’s stunning.”, “very nice”, “You did a great job.”, “a beautiful and lasting memorial”, “Very classy.”, “It is WONDERFUL!”, and “It’s lyrical, reads like poetry in places.”


Now, about this family genealogy website, only deceased relatives are shown here. I collect living relatives too, though no one alive should show on this website, you will only find your initials and last name. To find yourself, search for an ancestor, then you and any children or grand children (that you let me know about) should be there.



Over 3 plus decades I’ve been gathering information, many relatives have helped whom I credit for your contributions. I must acknowledge the science of genetic DNA without which the extremely early information here would still be unknown. Genealogical DNA has provided many new cousins and friends that I would never have discovered.

The incredible state of technology today with computers, the internet, marvelous genealogy software, websites like Ancestry, Family Tree DNA and GEDmatch, plus millions of people searching and sharing ancestral information, make today the golden age for genealogy.

If you’re on Ancestry, please 1. do a DNA test and 2. tie it to your tree (even a tiny one) otherwise you won’t really be getting your money’s worth. Then, Ancestry’s computers then will quickly link you with relatives who inherited DNA like yours! This would be Autosomal DNA (men or women) which gives you relatives on both sides of your family back 5 generations.

And if you’re a JOHNSON male on Family Tree DNA, please test your Y-DNA at the highest level possible. The more Johnson men who test the more proven our surname line is. Y-DNA testing (men) gives you information on your Grandfathers back to the beginning.

First, I want to thank my sisters Kitty (Johnson) Therwhanger and Pat (Johnson) Ponikvar for letting me test their Autosomal DNA at Ancestry. As we are three full siblings, the information between us helps fully recover our parents’ DNA. If you are on Ancestry and looking for a match with me and none show up, if you have a match with either “Kitty Johnson” or “Pat Johnson”, it’s the same as matching me. DNA inheritance is funny, you can be relatives and NOT share any DNA!

To all who have helped with what is here Thank You!

I thank my best friend, the late Michael Martinez, he how to do genealogy, a hobby that has enriched my life immeasurably.

I thank 2nd cousin Della (Shaw) Bailey and her mother Vivian (Root) Reeves for they provided me with the core RYAN ancestor information. They’re extremely knowledgeable about genealogy in general, and they knew BOTH our unrelated Ryan lines! The William G. “Billy” Ryan line and the unrelated Wiley Jay Ryan line.

Other extremely helpful, pivotal cousins without which I could not have found what is on this site:

For Dad’s Johnson and associated lines I thank 3rd cousin Gerald Johnson’s wife Karen (Hay) Johnson of Texas. Through DNA she found me and put me on the correct Johnson path. Her husband Gerald and I share our 2G Grandparents Clark Lawrence Johnson (1833-1901) and Sarah Ann Stockdell (1837-1863). I’m forever indebted to her.

To 3rd cousin 1 generation removed Alice (Stockdell) Nash of Illinois who firmly established that 2G Grandfather Clark Lawrence Johnson’s first wife and our 2G Grandmother was Sarah Ann Stockdell.

To half 2nd cousin 1 generation removed Rhomer Johnson of Nevada, he guided me on our shared 2G Grandfather Clark Lawrence Johnson’s second family with his wife Vienna “Vina” McClure and the numerous half cousins. Rhomer and I share our 3G Grandparents Matthew Johnson (1812-1864) and Mary J. “Polly” Cox (1812-1885).

Our JOHNSON line goes back to William “Billy” Johnson in 1775 while our maternal male RYAN ancestry goes back to Philip Ryan in 1660.

For Mom’s Trabucco and associated lines, I thank my 3rd cousin Bruno De Marco from Torino, Italy, with whom we’re discovering all our Italian ancestors and relatives, specifically Grandfather John Trabucco’s ancestors. Bruno and I share 2G Grandparents Giovanni Battista Trabucco (1832-1895) and Maria Domenica Berttotti (1838-1910).

With 7th cousin 1 generation removed Bonnie Vaccaro of Utah, who shares our 7G Grandparents Pietro Guiseppe Trabucco (1724-1753) and Barbara Gioanne Furno (1727-1807). Bonnie searches Agliè Italy’s church records in far northern Italy, revealing our ancestors back into the 17th century. She does it the correct way, finding an ancestor’s birth/baptism, wedding and death records which can be found here attached to each individual.

Helping with my Grandmother Mary Goettina’s lines I thank 6th cousin 1 generation removed Professor Scott Swanson of Indiana who has researched the tiny mountain village church records in Alpette, Italy. Scott’s ancestors and ours lived for centuries in the same Alpine village and his research has been invaluable.

Our TRABUCCO line goes back to Giovanni Pietro Trabucco in 1669 while our GOETTINA goes back to Giovanni Domenico Gojettina in 1706.

And finally, to my JOHNSON research group: Karen (Hay) Johnson, Rhomer Johnson, Jackie (Cothern) Boatman, Vivs Laliberte, Donald Johnson, David Johnson, and Bruce Wells, thanks everyone for your crucial help finding our way through the all too common “Johnson” surname line back in time to roughly the late 18th century. We all are still searching for more generations until we discover the European Johnson immigrant to America.

They’re all excellent genealogists whose work is central and I’m very happy to have found them through Y-DNA and appreciate their help in discovering our ancestors’ fascinating lives.

There are many, many others who have provided me with information, you can find their names in “Sources” or credited in an ancestor’s “Notes” section.


Photographs we need to discover:

I’m missing only 2 images from the 2G Grandparents’ Civil War generation: Sarah Ann Stockdell (1837-1863) and Charles Henry Hurt (1840-1880). No known images of Sarah are known to exist, but there are said to be photographs of Charles.

I have no images of my Italian 2G Grandparents, with surnames: Trabucco, Bertotti, Michela, Prola, Goiettina, Goglio, Seren=Piocca=Riva and Seren=Rosso.

Please, if you have images of these ancestors, I’d love a copy and will credit you. I think it important that future generations know what everyone in our family looked like.


Below are 1st, 2nd and 3rd cousins related to the Johnson, Ryan, Trabucco & Goettina lines discovered so far, and included here. This is incomplete, let me know of corrections or additions.

1st cousins share Grandparents inheriting about 25% of their DNA.

Paternal Grandparents: William Henry “Bill” Johnson & Roea Ann “Roy” Ryan’s children:
Helvetta Madeline “Madge" JOHNSON & Joseph "Joe" BARNETT’s children: 1. Gloria Gayle Barnett 2. Alwina “Kay" Barnett 3. William Arthur “Billy" BarnettFloyd Eugene "Gene" JOHNSON & Billie MARGURITE’s children: 1. William Eugene “Bill" Johnson 2. Madeline Carroll Johnson 3. Mark Andrew Johnson 4. Phillip Michael “Mike" JohnsonRoy Conan "Doyle" JOHNSON & Katherine Edith SIMONS’ children: 1. James Doyle “Jim" Johnson 2. Linda Katherine Johnson 3. Felectia Ann JohnsonShirley Fayelene JOHNSON & Clemence Harlan “Clem” SCHRANK’s children: 1. Cynthia Ann “Cindy” Schrank 2. Pamela Grace “Pam" Schrank


Maternal Grandparents: Giovanni Battista “John” Trabucco & Antonia Maria “Mary” Goettina's children:
Pete John TRABUCCO & Helen May McDOWELL’s children: 1. Nina Loren Trabucco 2. Joann Marie Trabucco


2nd cousins share Great Grandparents inheriting about 12.5% of their DNA.

Paternal Great Grandparents: James Albert Johnson & Mary Ann Hurt’s children, who had children, these are FULL 2nd cousins.

Charles Thomas Johnson & Golda Marie Ryan’s children: who also have Hiram Monroe Ryan & Nancy Ann “Nicie” Ryan as Great Grandparents, we share a lot of relatives and DNA!! Orvil Lee “Orv” JOHNSON & Venus Maxine “Benji” BARNES: 1. Robert Dale JohnsonAlfred Leon “Al” JOHNSON & Ethel Jane VICTOR: 1. Mary Ellen Johnson 2. Vickie Leon Johnson Nicie Ann JOHNSON & Jack Calvin WARREN: 1. Robert Duane Warren Sr. 2. Gloria Jean Warren 3. Thomas Farrel Warren 4. Jacolyn Faye “Jacci” Warren 5. Patricia Ann Warren 6. Edith Marie “Edie” WarrenEllen Marie JOHNSON & Bill TABOR: 1. Frank Tabor or Ellen Marie JOHNSON & Hoy Richard BARTLETT Sr.: 1. Hoy R. Bartlett Jr.

Zelpha Marie Johnson & Umphrey Markel Roser’s children:
Irene Cordelia ROSER & Roy Thomas HINDMAN: 1. James Markel Hindman 2. Barbara Joan Hindman 3. Nancy Kathleen Hindman 4. Diane Lavon HindmanGeorge Leland ROSER & Doris Eleanor WILLIAMS: 1. Georgia Ellen RoserRella Marie ROSER & Clarence Owen CORRELL: 1. Linda Marie Correll 2. Alfred Allen CorrellErnest Clee “Bud” ROSER & Esther Marie HEASTON: 1. Vernon Clee RoserGeneva Juanita “Ginger” ROSER & Leroy Allen STEWARD: 1. Sandy Kay Steward 2. Sharon Anita Steward 3. Karen Juanita Steward or Geneva Juanita “Ginger” ROSER & Alvis Lowell CRAIN Sr.: 1. Deborah Lucille Crain 2. Alvis Lowell Crain Jr. or Geneva Juanita “Ginger” ROSER & Roy Elbert AVARA: 1. Phillip “Shane” Avara 2. Randall Edwin Avara 3. Roger AvaraAlfred Paulen ROSER & Esther Lavonne “Rosemary” WERNER: 1. Renee Lousie Roser 2. Cynthia L. Roser 3. Denise Ann RoserNeoma Mae ROSER & Lyman Douglas “L. D.” McINTOSH: 1. Jacqueline Louise McIntoshOleta Margie ROSER & Edwin Valentine SCHNEIDER Jr.: 1. Gail Marie Schneider Winona Grace “Winnie” ROSER & John Harold POWERS: 1. Rebecca Arlene “Becky” Powers 2. Clifford Eugene Powers 3. Leesa Johnell PowersJames Lee “Jimmie” ROSER & Peggy Joyce HADAWAY: 1. April Lee Roser 2. Kyle Micah Roser

Ethel Mae Johnson & John Allen Woodworth’s children:
Gene Albert WOODWORTH & Ethel Mae DAVIS: 1. Karla Irene Woodworth 2. Connie Marlene WoodworthIrene Alma “June” WOODWORTH & Ivan Eugene PIERCE: 1. Lora Lorraine Pierce 2. Christine Lee Pierce


Paternal Great Grandparents: Hiram Monroe Ryan & Nancy Ann “Nicie” Ryan’s children, who had children: these are two unrelated RYAN lines!

Lula Myrtle Ryan & Charles Harley “Charley” Root’s children:
Myrtle Emma RYAN & Preston Starrits AKERS: 1. Laura Pauline Akers 2. Preston Clawvel Akers 3. Edward Leon “Butch” Akers 4. Geraldine Marie AkersCharles Marvin ROOT & Ethel M. LILIESTEDT: 1. Marvinia Margaret Root Edith Christine ROOT & Guy Clementine FRILEY: 1. Lois Burlene FrileyWoodrow Leroy ROOT & Lillian Marie FORSHEY’s children: 1. Lula May “Corky” Root 2. Aurelia Joann “Dutch” Root 3. Charles Thomas “Chuck” Root 4. Leona Marie ”Onie” Root 5. Loretta Kay RootDonald Raymond ROOT & Eula Bernice NEELY: 1. Robert Frank Root or Donald Raymond ROOT & Dorothy Agnes MORLAN: 1. Vivian Louise Root 2. Billi Jean Root 3. Jimmy Wayne Root — Rennie Muriel ROOT & Hazel G. HUDKINS: 1. Muriel Renee Root — Edna May ROOT & Roy Lee STRONG: 1. William Roy Strong 2. Harold Dean Strong 3. Westly Floyd “Wes” Strong 4. Charlie Henderson Strong 5. Royal Grant StrongFloyd Herman ROOT & Muriel REEVES: 1. Guelda Louise Root 2. Elizabeth Jo “Jody” Root 3. Emma Elmodene Root 4. Edith Lavillian RootVivian Lavon ROOT & Norman Morrison SHAW: 1. Della Lula Shaw 2. Christine Sue Shaw 3. Charles Marvin Shaw

Nettie Ellen Ryan & & Harley Charles Root’s children:
Ethel Irene ROOT & Fred William BEHNER: 1. Roy Fred Behner 2. Raymond Kenneth Behner 3. Neleta Ann Behner 4. Wanda LaRean “Wendy” Behner Elsie Arllene ROOT & Russell F. KEILMAN: 1. Birtie Louella KeilmanEvelyn N. ROOT & Joshua TYE: 1. Jack Westly Tye 2. Joshua Beacraft Tye

Bessie Pearl Ryan & John Lewis Hughes’ children:
Louise Alice HUGHES & Willis Daniel TURNER: 1. Clarice Jean Turner 2. Maureen J. Turner Lewis Monroe HUGHES & Mildred SEWELL: 1. Colleen Faye HughesFlorence Faye HUGHES & Gene STUCKEY: 1. John Stuckey

Golda Marie Ryan & Charles Thomas Johnson’s children: who also have James Albert Johnson & Mary Ann Hurt as Great Grandparents!
Orvil Lee “Orv” JOHNSON & Venus Maxine “Benji” BARNES: 1. Robert Dale JohnsonAlfred Leon “Al” JOHNSON & Ethel Jane VICTOR: 1. Mary Ellen Johnson 2. Vickie Leon JohnsonNicie Ann JOHNSON & Jack Calvin WARREN: 1. Robert Duane Warren Sr. 2. Gloria Jean Warren 3. Thomas Farrel Warren 4. Jacolyn Faye “Jacci” Warren 5. Patricia Ann Warren 6. Edith Marie “Edie” WarrenEllen Marie JOHNSON & Bill TABOR: 1. Frank Tabor or Ellen Marie JOHNSON & Hoy Richard BARTLETT Sr.: 1. Hoy R. Bartlett Jr.

Willa Wiley Ryan & Harold Hays Griswould’s children:
Willa Pathena GRISWOULD & Josef George KNIGHT Sr.: 1. Betty Jo Knight 2. Joseph George Knight Jr.Harold “Harry” GRISWOLD Sr. & Sigrid Marie “Anna” FISCHER: 1. Harold “Hays” Griswold Jr. 2. Sigrid Michelle Griswold 3. Derek Duran Griswold 4. Robin Gay GriswoldBetty Ilene GRISWOULD & Elmer Gene WATTS: 1. Roy Lynn Watts 2. Neal Gene Watts 3. John Lee Watts 4. Gina Kay Watts 5. Scott Alan WattsFloyd Monroe GRISWOULD & Phyllis Pauline WISSEL: 1. Rhonda Ranae Griswould 2. Gregory Grant GriswouldPhillip Raymond GRISWOULD & Virgyln Ilene LESSENDEN: 1. Dreama Rayln Griswould 2. Deana Ilene Griswould 3. Kristi Kay Griswould


Maternal Great Grandparents: Pietro Trabucco & Caterina Matilde Michela's children, who had children:

Giovanni Luigi Trabucco & Paola Giulia Ricco’s children:
Pietro TRABUCCO & Elda AIRA: 1. Dario TrabuccoAldo TRABUCCO & Lorenza BORGO: 1. Paolo Trabucco 2. Monica Trabucco

Maria Domenica Agostina Trabucco & Matteo Massimo Scavarda’s children:
Giuseppe SCAVARDA & Felicita VITTONE: 1. Maria ScavardaPietro SCAVARDA & Angela COSTANTINO: 1. Angelo ScavardaCaterina Matilda SCAVARDA & Massimo BIOLETTO: 1. Giuseppe Bioletto

Zio Domenico “Mini” Trabucco & Marietta “Maria” Michela’s children:
Matilde “Tildina” TRABUCCO & Giovanni LEONE: 1. Alida Leone 2. Franca LeoneMario TRABUCCO & Agnese _____: 1. Mariella Trabucco

Margherita Trabucco & Battista Scavarda’s children:
Carolina SCAVARDA & Giovanni “Quinto” PISTONO Sr.: 1. Giovanni Pistono Jr. 2. Annerita PistonoMatilde SCAVARDA & Bruno TORNIERO: 1. Walter Torniero 2. Danilo Torniero 3. _____ Torniero

Caterina “Rina” Trabucco & Giuseppe Silva’s children:
Meri SILVA & Gabriele BALLESIO: 1. Gianfranco Ballesio 2. Silvia Ballesio 3. Rosanna Ballesio


Maternal Great Grandparents: Pietro Antonius Goiettina & Maria Teresa Seran=Piocca’s children, who had children:

Madelina “Madeline” Goettina & Giuseppe “Joseph” Goglio’s children:
Mary GOGLIO & Domenic VALENZANO: 1. Anna Valenzano 2. Madeline Valenzano 3. Emily Valenzano 4. Minnie Valenzano 5.Viola ValenzanoMario GOGLIO & Kate Pearl SYPUTA: 1. Frances Marie GoglioErnest “Ernie” GOGLIO & Opal V. HERROD: 1. Madeline Goglio 2. Lois Goglio 3. Wilma Arlene GoglioFrank Virgil GOGLIO Sr. & Ann SYPUTA: 1. Katherine P. “Katsy” Goglio 2. Jacob “Jack” Goglio 3. Frank Virgil “Pups” Goglio Jr. 4. Richard James GoglioKatherine “Kattie” GOGLIO & Gabriel CORNELLA: 1. Madeline Antionette “Nibbs” Cornella Peter GOGLIO & Hazel Margaret GRAHAM: 1. Donald Lewis Goglio 2. David Joseph Goglio — Irene GOGLIO & Nino “Mike” BATISTA: 1. James Albert Batista 2. Gerald Michael “Jerry” Batista Sr. 3. John Allen Batista 4. Janice Marie Batista — Madeline Julia GOGLIO & Roy Vernon WYLIE: 1. Robert Joseph “Bob” Wylie 2. Richard Edward WylieErma Jean GOGLIO & James Henry McKee II: 1. Joseph Roger McKee 2. Elaine Marie McKee 3. James Henry McKee IIIJoseph Robert “Joe” GOGLIO Jr. & Marguerite Frances KEENE: 1. Joseph Robert Goglio 2. Thomas Anthony Goglio 3. Mary Marguerite Goglio

Govanna “Joanna” Goiettina & Giuseppe Sandretto’s children:
Angelo SANDRETTO & Maria GOGLIO: 1. Angelo Sandretto 2. Aurelia SandrettoCamilla SANDRETTO & Angelo FRANCISETTI 1. Fernanda Francisetti 2. Francesca Francisetti

Caterina “Katie” Goettina & Giovanni “John” Frullo’s children:
John FRULLO Jr. & Ann Frances “Fannie” KOVACH: 1. John LeRoy Frullo 2. Jeanne Arlene FrulloMary Jane FRULLO & Charles Martin BESSO Sr.: 1. Charles James Besso Jr. 2. John J. Besso 3. James Kenneth Besso 4. Pete Besso 5. Mary Kay Besso


3rd cousins share Great Great Grandparents and possibly 6.25% of their DNA.

Our common DNA inheritance this far back in time is much rarer because of recombination, or how some DNA from ancestors is lost with each generation.

Paternal GG Grandparents: Clark Lawrence Johnson & Sarah Ann Stockdell, who had children, these are FULL 3rd cousins.

Dovie V. Johnson & William Carleton “Bill” Johnson’s children:
Mary Jewel JOHNSON & Roy Edward DUFFIELD: 1. Mary Elizabeth Duffield 2. Bobbie G. DuffieldEula Mae JOHNSON & Merle ROACH: 1. Patricia Mae Roach 2. Carlton Merle Roach 3. Lucy Faye Roach 4. Carolyn Louise Roach 5. Margaret Ann Roach 6. Robert Earl Roach

Louis Clark Johnson & Lidia Mae Funderberg’s children:
Marshall J. D. JOHNSON & Billie Jo DYE: 1. Retha G. Johnson 2. Georgia Annie Johnson

Louis Clark Johnson & Leta Pearl Wadkins’ children:
D. J. JOHNSON & Evelyn Louise KEMPER: 1. Phillis Ann Johnson 2. Harry Clark JohnsonElsie Florene JOHNSON & Wesley BROWN: 1. Kay Lynn BrownDavid Henry JOHNSON & Zola Faye McBRAYER: 1. Peggy Nell Johnson 2. Nancy Gayle Johnson 3. Steven Neil Johnson 4. Joel David Johnson 5. Donald Leon JohnsonFloyd Irvin JOHNSON & Twyla Fern GUSTIN: 1. Kenneth Loyd Johnson 2. Cecil Bruce Johnson 3. Wally Noel Johnson 4. Sheila Janice Johnson 5. Rusty Curtis JohnsonWilliam Harrel JOHNSON & Glenda Louise WILLIAMSON: 1. Wayne Howard Johnson or William Harrel JOHNSON & Sarah Juanita WELLS: 1. Vickie Lynn Johnson 2. Kristi Lynette Johnson 3. Brenda Louise Johnson 4. Teresa Jean Johnson 5. Michael Louis JohnsonOphelia Maxine JOHNSON & Gladwyn GREGORY : 1. David Allen Gregory 2. Lily Pearl Gregory 3. Robert Faye Gregory 4. Evelyn Jane Gregory 5. Florence Ann Gregory 6. Janelle Louise Gregory 7. Hazel Bee GregoryRay Lee JOHNSON & Anna Mae WELLER: 1. Chris William Johnson 2. Gwenda Lea Johnson 3. Lyndon Clark JohnsonFranklin Dee JOHNSON & Eva Nelle SPHOND: 1. Gerald Lee Johnson 2. Patrice Diann JohnsonVanita Louise JOHNSON & Cran William “Bill” BEVANS I: 1. Cran William Bevans II 2. Rebecca Lynn Bevans 3. Weston Lee Bevans 4. Karen Sue Bevans 5. Jack Joe Bevans

Edward Joseph “Eddie” Johnson & Ethel Melissa Wadkins’ children:
Twila Marie JOHNSON & Maurice Joseph TORNATORE: 1. Linda L. Tornatore 2. Nora S. Tornatore 3. Jenelle M. Tornatore 4. Sue E. Tornatore 5. Joyce A. TornatoreRoy Edwin JOHNSON & Oleta Elaine CONNER: 1. Beverly Mae Johnson 2. Cheryl Johnson 3. Teresa JohnsonSharon Lucille JOHNSON & Cecil Joseph BEACHAM: 1. Tami Beacham 2. Connie Beacham

Nettie May Johnson & Wesley Ellis Moore’s children:
Pauline Pearl MOORE & Henry Ray THURSTON: 1. Linda Lou Thurston 2. Michael Thurston

Clark Lawrence Johnson & 2nd wife Vienna “Vina” McClure, who had children, these are HALF 3rd cousins I currently know.

Dellar Davis & William Pierce Ross’s children:
Mary Milton ROSS & Cecil Cornett: 1. Bob Cornett

Augustus Gus Davis & Nannie Alice LANGLEY’s children:
Billy Ross DAVIS & _____: 1. Russell DavisTom Dan DAVIS & Betty Fern JOHN: 1. NFBooth

Walter William BULLOCK & Sarah Beula RHEA’s children:
Jack Edwin BULLOCK & Betty Jean BALDWIN: 1. Pamela K. Bullock

Ida Cleo BULLOCK & Alfred Jackson “Slick” COTHERN’s children:
William Lloyd “Beeb: COTHERN & Maude Viola McINTIRE: 1. Richard Earl Cothern 2. Diane Marie CothernGaylon Clark COTHERN Sr. & Ila Fay HARDCASTLE: 1. Katheryn Lynn Cothern 2. Gaylon Clark Cothern Jr. Iva Jean “Jeannie” COTHERN Lloyd Dean WHARTON: 1. Michael Dean Wharton 2. Terry WhartonThomas Jackson “Jack” COTHERN & Claire Nancy COURNOYER: 1. Jacklyn Ann “Jackie” Cothern 2. Wilfred J. “Freddy” Cothern 3. W.C. CothernJohnny Hiram COTHERN & _____: 1. Melinda Charlene CothernRuby Laura COTHERN & George Edward MOWRER: 1. Laura Jean Mowrer 2. Ida Bell Mowrer 3. Edward Alfred Mowrer 4. Jesse Allen Mowrer 5. Bonita Joy Mowrer

Loyd Cecil BULLOCK & Bertha Gibson’s children:
Delbert Gail BULLOCK & Dora _____: 1. Tommy Dean Bullock 2. Cynthia K. Bullock 3. _____ BullockJerry N. BULLOCK & _____: 1. Rusty Bullock

Rhomer Tillman “Tex” Johnson & Minnie Lee HIGGINS’ children:
Rhomer Anthony “Tony” JOHNSON & Marianne BAHR: 1. Julie Johnson 2. Marc D. Johnson 3. Matthew Johnson

Charley S. E. Jones & Fay Harvin SPURGEON’s children:
Charley Alton JONES & Sandra Jolene NIELSON: 1. Charleyjonese7 2. Patricia Colyer Melva Fay JONES & _____ KENNEDY: 1. Venice Rose KennedyCarol Lee JONES & _____: 1. Marvin Jones


Paternal GG Grandparents: Charles Henry Hurt & Margaret Ann Burke, who had children, these are FULL 3rd cousins.

Adella Adcock & Elias Brown’s children:
Floyd C. BROWN & Ruby Josephine KIRBY: 1. Adella Marlyene BrownClifton BROWN & Vera June CLEVENGER: 1. Dwight Darrell Brown 2. Doyle Dean Brown

Minnie Mae Hurt & Oscar George Luther’s children:
Helen Mildred LUTHER & DeMar B. PERKINS: 1. L. P. Perkins 2. Daniel Luther Perkins 3. Kristine Helen PerkinsAdeline Nannie LUTHER & Norman E. OLSON: 1. D. M. Olson 2. Charles Jerry Olsen 3. James Norman Olson Sr.

Zella Pearl Hurt & Floyd W. Hamner’s children:
Kenneth Elton HAMNER & Donna Ledorina BLAKE: 1. Anna Lorraine Hamner

Harold Ellsworth Hurt & Lola Maxine Alexander’s children:
Wanda J. HURT & _____ CORNELL: 1. Shannon C. Cornell


Paternal GG Grandparents: William G. “Billy” Ryan & Minerva A. Tuck, who had children, these are FULL 3rd cousins.

Dollie Flossie Ryan & Fred Andre Tomlin’s children:
Fred Adolph TOMLIN & _____: 1. Barbara Tomlin

Edith L. Ryan & Lemual “Lems” Batton’s children:
Mary Ola BATTON & Royce Walton BERRY: 1. Jerry Reuther Berry

William G. “Billy” Ryan & 1st wife Rebecca Elizabeth “Beckey” Scroggins, who had children, these are HALF 3rd cousins I currently know.

Christian E. Pierce & _____’s children:
Vera May PIERCE & _____ NEWMAN’s children: 1. Haskell Newman 2. Melborn N. Newman

Rebecca Jane “Beckie” Pierce & Ira Sherman Yates’ children:
Lucille Yates & _____ COWDEN’s children: 1. Donald Cowden

Laura Cathlyn Ryan & _____ Miller’s children:
Claudia Leola MILLER & _____ JONES: 1. Onedia Maria Jones

Stella Mable Ryan & _____ Young’s children:
Mamie Laura YOUNG & _____ BRISTOW: 1. Herman R. Bristow

Paul Raymond Pike & Vica Leone Abel’s children:
Marjorie Pauline PIKE & _____ CUDAHY: 1. Ronald Cudahy 2. J.W. Cudahy

William G. “Billy” Ryan & 3rd wife Lydia Anne “Kiddy” Porter, who had children, these are HALF 3rd cousins I currently know.

Louis Obie Hamilton & Fannie Elizabeth Gentry’s children:
Willa Mae HAMILTON & Michael SLADE: 1. Charles Slade

Arby Oran Hamilton & Lucy Irene Heiskell’s children:
Wanda P. HAMILTON & _____ THOMPSON: 1. Eric Franklin Thompson

Hallie Irene Hamilton & Edson Wright’s children:
Lavada Mae “Vada” WRIGHT & Harold Lloyd COVEY: 1. Virginia Mae “Koko” Covey


Paternal GG Grandparents: Wiley Jay Ryan & Mahala Jane “Haley” Hendrix, who had children, these are FULL 3rd cousins.

Ollie Mae Ryan & Charles Kidd’s children:
Charlie Delbert KIDD & Inez Marie CHASE: 1. Elizabeth Charlene KiddDora Irene KIDD & Lester L. LAUGHLIN: 1. Neil Leon Laughlin 2. Elba M. Laughlin

Blanch Della Ryan & John William Flanigan’s children:
Alford Frances FLANIGAN & Irvin THOMPSON: 1. Pauline Thompson 2. W. S. Thompson

Franky Isadore Jordan & Donald Clark Lewis’ children:
Barney Donald LEWIS & Audrey _____: 1. Dustin Lewis 2. Matthew T. LewisDoris Dwan LEWIS & Adam Quentin HARTLE: 1. William Allen Hartle 2. Denise A. Hartle 3. John Mark Hartle

Hermie Alfie Ryan & Harvey E. Nichols’ children:
Nettie M. Nichols & _____ Hillyard: 1. Hermie Hillyard

William Homer Ryan & Elsie May Price’s children:
Eunice Louisa RYAN & _____ Smith: 1. Larry Lee Smith Eugene Roy RYAN Sr. & Dorothy Lucille DURHAM: 1. Eugene Royal RyanRodney Homer RYAN & Leona Mae OLCOTT: 1. Kathryn Lee Ryan 2. Danny Michael Ryan

Royal Wiley Ryan & Gertrude Elva Bowler’s children:
Hazel Aldine RYAN & George Washington COMPTON: 1. Margaret Ann Compton Delcie RYAN & Merle DAVIS: 1. Wanda Jo DavisCleo Margarete RYAN & _____ TAYLOR: 1. Sharyn F. Taylor or Cleo Margarete RYAN & Howard C. STEWARD: 1. Howard Lee Steward


Maternal GG Grandparents: Pietro Giuseppe Trabucco & Maria Domenica Berttotti, who had children, these are FULL 3rd cousins.

Both 2G Trabucco Grandparents (above) and Michela (below) match descendants, because Grandfather John Trabucco was the only one in his family to come to America, so both Great Grandparent lines have the same descendants.

Maternal GG Grandparents: Giovanni Battista Michela & Maria Margherita Prola, who had children, these are FULL 3rd cousins.

Maria Domenica Trabucco & Giovanni Battista Mautino’s children:
Georgio MAUTINO & Pasqualina BARELLA: 1. Maresa Mautino

Pietro Antonio Trabucco & Carlotta Catherina Gozzano’s children:
Giorgio TRABUCCO & Virginia BIZZOTTO: 1. Danilo Trabucco 2. Carla Trabucco 3. Paola Trabucco

Domenico Trabucco & Domenica Pasqualina Brusso’s children:
Aurelia TRABUCCO & Angelo De MARCO: 1. Nora De Marco 2. Bruno De Marco

Caterina “Rina” Scavarda & Peter Paolo Michela’s children:
Nino MICHELA & Domenica “Dalia” Di FIORE: 1. Vanessa Catherine Michela 2. Andrea Marie Michela


Maternal GG Grandparents: Giacomo Goiettina & Magdalena Goglio, who had children, these are FULL 3rd cousins.

I descend from their son Pietro Goiettina, if you are a descendant of any of Giacomo Goiettina’s children contact me. So far, no cousins have shown up on American genealogy sites.

No 3rd cousins for this line has yet been discovered in America. As my Grandmother Mary (Goettina) Trabucco had only 1 sister who remained in Italy, apparently none of these descendants have yet tested with either Family Tree DNA, Ancestry DNA or are listed on GEDmatch.


Maternal GG Grandparents: Giacomo Seren=Piocca=Riva & Giovanna Seren=Rosso, who had children, these are FULL 3rd cousins.

John Joseph Aimone & Della “Adele” Stringfellow’s children:
Raymond Joseph AIMONE & Dorothy Elizabeth HULTBERG: 1. Bette Adele Aimone 2. Alan Conrad Aimone


Share 3G Grandparents, not necessarily 4th cousins.

Our common DNA inheritance this far back in time is much rarer because of recombination, or how some DNA from ancestors is lost with each generation.

Paternal 3G Grandparents: Matthew Johnson & Mary Polly Cox.
Howard Leland JOHNSON & Florence Minnie ROLAND: 1. David Roland JohnsonDonald Pierce JOHNSON & Vera Jean HELEN: 1. Don “Geno” JohnsonWilliam Clinton JOHNSON & Bertha Louise JONES: 1. RS Vivs Laliberte 2. pjohnson10091960 3. William K. Johnson Jr.Roy WELLS & Audio JOHNSON: 1. Bruce Wells

If you descend from Mathew Johnson and Mary Polly Cox please contact me/us, their children were: 1. Clark 2. Nathan/Nathaniel 3. James 4. George 5. Alsey E. and 6. John.


Paternal 3G Grandparents: Milton Stockdell & Rachel Sarah Adams.
Glen Dale LEE & Bernadine Dorothy NEVEL: 1. Connie Anne LeeRaymond Randall McCLELLAND & Alice Virginia CRIST: 1. John McClellandLoyd Earl STOCKDELL & Lela Alberta FORREST: 1. Alice Mae Stockdell 2. Phillip Leslie Stockdell


Paternal 3G Grandparents: Sandifer H. Hurt & Mary Wright.
John Kelly RUNK & Karen CHRISTENSEN: 1. Danielle Runk


Paternal 3G Grandparents: William H. Burke & Mildred “Milley” Shock.
Ernest James VAUGHAN & Lena Irene HARDIN: 1. Rita Lorana Vaughan


Paternal 3G Grandparents: Abner Ryan & Rebecca Brown.
_____ HARRISON & Lois Perl “Ann” POLLOCK: 1. Sandra HarrisonCecil Emmett ASBURN & _____: 1. Celia AsburnGrace Gertrude HUTCHINS & Ernest SMITH: 1. EvelynFloyd ARTHUR Sr. & _____: 1. Floyd Arthur Jr.Lanelle M. RYAN & Finis E. LEER: 1. Ricky B. Leer Ferelle Ray Ryan & Donna Kay Doelling: 1. Steve Ryan 2. Douglas Ryan 3. Sheila Kay Ryan — Beverly Ann TURNER & Richard William KLAMM: 1. Karen Kathleen “Kate” Klamm 2. Kristi Kay Klamm — _____ PARKER & Margaret Mae MACK: 1. Sue Ann ParkerFloyd Madison RYAN & Tessa Naomi FOX: Jeff RyanErnest SMITH & Grace Gertrude HUTCHINS: 1. Evelyn Winifred Smith


Paternal 3G Grandparents: Hiram Tuck & Mary “Polly” Russell.
William AMOS & Edna Pearl WILCOX: 1. Norah Amos 2. Beverley Amos 3. Loree Amos_____ De JESUS & Joan Elaine PENINGER: 1. Kathy De JesusHoward Henry HINKEL & _____: 1. Vicky Hinkel Donald Lee YOUNG Sr. & Grace KECKSTEIN: 1. Yvonne M. YoungFloyd Madison RYAN & Tressa Naomi FOX: 1. Jeff RyanLarry E. RYAN & _____: 1. Rhonda Ryan — Stephen RYAN & _____: 1. Scott Ryan — Oscar Walter RUSSELL & Mildred Arvilla FINE: 1. Doris Dale RussellGerald Eugene TUCK & Vernon Virginia FERGUSON: 1. Kim Tuck 2. Sheri Tuck or Gerald Eugene TUCK & Bobbie Jean RYNOLDS: 1. Mark Wayne Tuck 2. Michael Lane Tuck 3. _____ Tuck 4. Kim Marie Tuck 5. Sheri Eugenia Tuck 6. Joseph Bennett TuckCheryl Elaine EVERLY & Raymond Dwayne SUFFON: 1. Christopher Saffron Joan Elaine PENNINGER & _____ De JESUS: 1. Kath De Jesus _____ KOCH & Howard Henry HINKEL: 1. Vicky Hinkel — Carl Madison RYAN & Elva Genevieve BROWN: 1. Jeff Brown


Paternal 3G Grandparents: Morgan Ryan & Susan Jane Patton.
Ernest James VAUGHAN Jr. & Lena Irene HARDIN: 1. Rita Lorana VaughanCharles VINYARD & Ida Mae LITTLE: 1. J. V. Vinyard 2. Michael Charles VinyardKenneth Ferman HOWARD & Winifred Lydia GOLEMON: 1. John Clyde HowardLillian HOWARD & Richard Linnaeus NEWTON: 1. Jackie Newton 2. Georgia Lee NewtonAlbert Jeppe LEBECK & Mary Beatrice KEARNS: 1. Esther Alberta Marie Lebeck 2. Robert Andre Lebeck 3. Leroy Leonard Lebeck 4. Paul Stanley LebeckClarence Linden KEARNS Sr. & _____: 1. Clarence Leroy Kearns Jr. — John Harvey KEARNS & Mary Faye TURNER: 1. Virginia Kearns 2. Dennis Kearns — Clyde Omer PACKARD & Mysie Burr HOWERY: 1. Daniel S. Packard Eugene Wilkerson PACKARD & Lola Mae HICKMAN: 1. Roxanna Lea Packard 2. Dennis Keith Packard 3. Debra Lynne PackardHarvey Henry CORRELL & Catherine Ruth Carrell: 1. Shellee CorrellGordon Lee SNETSELAAR & Genevieve Elenore OOMS: 1. Rebecca Ann SnetselaarJames Fred STAPLES & Pauline McCRACKEN: James Fred Staples II _____ WILKINSON & Mary Jane McCOY: 1. Deborah Wilkinson


Paternal 3G Grandparents: Abraham Hendrix & Mary Ann “Polly” Perkins.
Muriel Dean ROBERTS & _____ COAST: 1. David Jonathan Coast Kenneth Ferman HOWARD & Winifred Lydia GOLEMON: 1. John Clyde HowardLilliian HOWARD & Richard Linnaeus NEWTON: 1. Jackie Newton 2. Georgia Lee Newton Albert Jeppe LEBECK & Mary Beatrice KEARNS: 1. Esther Alberta Marie Lebeck 2. Robert Andrew Lebeck 3. Leroy Leonard Lebeck 4. Paul Stanley LebeckClarence Linden KEARNS & _____: 1. Clarence Leroy Jr.John Harvey KEARNS & Mary Faye TURNER: 1. Virginia Kearns 2. Dennis Kearns— Ferrell Dale HENDRIX & Phyllis Genean CRAIG: 1. Butch Hendrix — Patricia Jean VANLANDINGHAM & Ronald Roland HOLLEMS: 1. Ronald Roland Jr. Hollems 2. Jourdan “Andre” Hollems 3. Denise Michelle Hollems 4. Jeffrey Alan Hollems or Patricia Jean VANLANDINGHAM & Robert Stanley MOFFITT Sr.: 1. Robert Stanley Moffitt Jr.Martha E. BURRIS & _____ JAMES: 1. Carolyn James


Maternal 3G Grandparents: Trabucco, Bertotti, Michela and Prola.

Because Grandfather John Trabucco was the only one in his family to come to America, from Great Grandparents back in time have the same descendants as both 2G Grandparents Trabucco and Michela.


Maternal 3G Grandparents: Pietro Antonio Goiettina & Maria Antonia Sandretto.
John AIMONE & Elizabeth GORICHS: 1. Raymond Johnson AimoneArmond AIMONE & _____: 1. Raymond AimoneJane Catherine “Jennie” AIMONE & Joseph F. THEKAN Sr.: 1. Joseph K. Thekan Jr.

Maternal 3G Grandparents: Goglio, Seren=Piocca=Riva & Seren=Riva.

No descendant cousins have shown up in these lines.

I know there are many omissions and probably mistakes in the above listings of cousins, please email me additions or corrections.


The “Old World”

Our European ancestors started arriving in what later became America as early as the Sixteenth Century up through the early Twentieth Century. Recently I visited Ellis Island and my appreciation for their courage and pure grit for coming to America increased significantly! They suffered discrimination and lived hard lives working as farmers, laborers, coal miners, or mill workers often with the added burden of learning English, which to them was a foreign tongue.

Still, many of our ancestral lines go back 10 or more generations with NO European ship in sight.

Often our European ancestors came because of religious intolerance, many came to these shores for economic or other reasons. For LAND and adventure!


The Rich Spectrum of American History

Our family’s story largely is a tale of coming to America and creating the country you see today. Our ancestors moved West, generation by generation, with the frontier. Many of our ancestral lines were here way before the United States existed. Today our cousins, some close and some distant, are scattered across the entire nation.


An “American Genealogy”

My initial goal was to create an “American Genealogy” which traces all my lines back to the person who came to these shores, or conversely, to discover those who were always here. Our oral history has Native American ancestors in it, but this is still to be discovered.

When you look up a relative here and see a foreign flag, this is an immigrant ancestor or their parent who remained in Europe. Without our immigrant ancestors’ adventurous courage and belief that the “New World” would be a better place for themselves and their children, we would not be Americans today.

I eagerly collect information on all our European families.

Also included in this website are my wife Nadine (Milosavich), brother-laws Wiley Therwhanger, Joe Ponikvar and son-in-law Colin Stark’s genealogy too. We’re all family.

Hopefully, I have provided enough information on all the lines which touch ours to help you out in your own research. Warning, genealogy, learning about your own history is fun and addictive!


America at War

Many of our Great Grandfathers were involved in most of the conflicts in American history. Currently, we have 67 relatives or spouses who fought in or supported the American Revolution though not are all direct-line ancestors. 5G Grandfather Peter Brakebill (1760-1844) was with George Washington crossing the Delaware (as shown in the famous painting by Emanuel Leutze in the masthead above) before the Battle of Trenton (New Jersey). 6G Grandfathers Christopher Moyers, Jr. (1748-1815) and William Stanley (1710-1784) were with Washington at Valley Forge during the brutal winter of 1777-78. Their paystubs which list this can be found here.

Men like 5G Grandfather Captain David Shely (1750-1823), his father, 6G Grandfather John Shock Shely (1723-1821) and David’s father-in-law, also a 6G Grandfather Henry Hurst (1729-1801), were all Revolutionary War volunteers from Virginia. Before the revolution John Shock Shely even worked as a surveyor with young George Washington. 5G Grandfather John Charles Cummings (1762-1826) was a “Drum Major” while another 5G Grandfather Benjamin Hurt (1746-1796) was also with the revolutionary fife and drum corps. They faced the mighty British army with mere drum or fife in hand, instead of a musket. We have participants in most, if not all, of the Revolution’s major battles.

Many of these conflicts and battles are ones you’ve probably never heard of. We have over 20 ancestors in the War of 1812, including 3G Grandfather Abner Ryan (1794-1865) and (unrelated) 4G Grandfather Henry Fuller Ryan (1795-1860). Henry Fuller Ryan’s son 3G Grandfather Morgan Ryan (1817-1895) was in the Second Seminole Indian War and his son 2G Grandfather was Wiley Jay Ryan (1840-1907) fought in the Civil War for the Union. Others were at the revolution’s Battle of King’s Mountain (South Carolina) such as 6G Grandfather John Blackburn (1740-1808), while 4G Grandfather John Shock (1771-1854) fought in The Old Northwest Indian Wars’ Battle of Fallen Timbers (Ohio).

Many relatives were in other conflicts such as the Mexican War, the Indian Wars (both very early such as the French & Indian War and in the nineteenth century conflicts), the Spanish American War, World War I, World War II, Korea, Vietnam and beyond. Ancestors or their spouses have participated in just about every one. If an ancestor was alive during WWI or WWII, I probably have their draft registration card here.

During the Civil War we possibly had participants on both sides, though no direct line Confederate ancestors have yet been found. Currently, we have 47 Union men and 27 Rebs are accounted for. Yankee 2G Grandfather Wiley Jay Ryan (1840-1907) is seen in the masthead at the top of this page on the far right. Wiley fought in many battles and was wounded during the terrible Battle of Franklin (Tennessee) where six Confederate generals were killed. His photograph was taken in 1904 and provided to me by relative Olen R. Gowens through the help of 4th cousin Esther Lebeck.

An ancestor with a soldier’s image is a military ancestor for whom I have no photograph. If there is information about a prominent battle or event that person was in, I’ve tried to find historic paintings of these events. When there’s a painting or image representing a person, there’s also a story connected with it, so there’s lots of history represented here.


America at Peace

Most ancestors though followed more peaceful pursuits as farmers, blacksmiths, miners, mill workers or railroaders. Great Grandfather Hiram Monroe Ryan (1868-1904) is said to have built the first (and probably only) steam merry-go-round.

And we have relatives who were musicians and writers. Grandfather William Henry Johnson (1896-1980) was a shopkeeper and salesman who wrote short stories and poems his entire life or his son Buddy Johnson (1919-1986) who, as I mentioned above, was on television and radio for decades and had a band “The Colorado Rangers” for 40 years.


Our Grandmothers

Our Great Grandmothers were women of great strength and courage, often having numerous children, many of whom died as infants or very young. One woman, who is not a direct line ancestor had 17 children, another unrelated woman in Italy had 22 children. A dozen or more children was not unusual among our female ancestors. Often women died in childbirth or shortly thereafter as did 2G Grandmother Sarah Ann Stockdell (1837-1863) shortly after having Great Grandfather James Albert Johnson (1863-1948) during the Civil War.

Some remarried after their husbands died, sometimes in war and sometimes at the hands of Indians. They were spirited women like 2G Grandmother Margaret Ann Burke (1840-1930) (shown at top, left center). She argued with Union soldiers who tore off her porch to roast her cattle which they butchered in her yard. Her husband, 2G Grandfather Charles Henry Hurt (1840-1880) was possibly a Confederate bush whacker, though this is yet to be proven.

At 16, Great Grandmother Nancy “Nicie” Ann Ryan (1871-1938) fell in love and eloped with Great Grandfather Hiram Monroe Ryan (1868-1904). Her father, Civil War veteran, 2G Grandfather Wiley Jay Ryan (1840-1907) followed them and found them stuck in a buggy in the middle of a river at night and forced them to marry at first light. Monroe died young at 36 leaving widow Nicie with 7 children to raise. Over the years Nicie took on 4 additional husbands. Some were older and she took care of them and they helped her and her children survive. The third husband Isaac Willett (1837-1914) served with New York’s 9th cavalry in the Civil War in many battles and was at Appomattox for the Civil War’s conclusion, I have his G.A.R. medal. His Union Army discharge paper is seen above. Years later when Nicie died as an old woman, she was buried next to Hiram, her first love.

And at 16, my Grandmother Antonia Maria “Mary” (Goettina) Trabucco (1892-1957) came to America, to Ellis Island, by herself after her mother died. Leaving one sister Joanna behind in Italy, she traveled to join her two older sisters who were already in Colorado where their husbands worked in the coal mines for Rockefeller’s Colorado Fuel and Iron Corporation. Little did she know that her future husband Grandfather Giovanni Battista “John” Trabucco (1886-1971) had previously sailed to America on the very same ship the “La Savoie” which she subsequently took. Though they were from tiny villages only 16 miles apart in Northern Italy, it was only after they each traveled halfway round the world that they met and married in Cañon City, Colorado in 1911.

Nina and her two older Goettina sisters (Madelina & Caterina) had many children whose descendants today are scattered throughout the Western United States. If you have a Goglio or Frullo ancestor you can thank them.

We have almost 50 men, on both sides of the family, who worked for the influential, behemoth Colorado, Fuel & Iron corporation either on its railroad, in the main Pueblo mill or in the numerous mines scattered across Colorado and the surrounding states. Pueblo, where I live, is where the “Robber Barons” trained their kids in the family businesses. I’ve updated this information recently. The CF&I attracted workers came from all over the world.


Published Genealogies in which you may be included:

I have contributed to two large, printed genealogical volumes.

5C1R Clovis Brakebill’s The Descendants of Peter Brakebill 1760-1844 A soldier in the American Revolution from Pennsylvania and Maryland who settled in East Tennessee, Copyright 1999.

My contribution was on the descendants of 4G Grandparents Henry Fuller Ryan (1795-1860) and Nancy Brakebill (1800-1860).

I contributed to 5G Grandfather “EDWARD TUCK c. 1730-1781 of Halifax Co VA and some of his Descendants 1750-2004, Volume 1: Cary Tuck” by Kathleen Guest Wilson, Copyright 2004.

I contributed the supplement in Kathleen’s book entitled “Descendants of Hiram Monroe Ryan” which contains Great Grandparents Hiram Monroe Ryan (1868-1904) and Nancy Ann “Nicie” Ryan’s (1871-1938) descendants.


This information is for you to enjoy, share with your children and for those who follow us.

When you read our ancestors’ interesting stories, it makes you realize how easy our lives are today. When you consider what they had to overcome during their lives, today’s troubles are pretty insignificant.

Genealogy helps us understand the debt we owe to those who came before us.

Since 1989, I’ve gathered what you find here.

I’ve thought about making a book and may at some point, but rather than having this information just sit on my iMac, I put it on the web for you to enjoy and hopefully add to.

If you find mistakes or omissions, let me know.

This website is a growing, continually improving, source of information, rather than static like a book. Use it and help add to it providing a more accurate picture of our family’s history for our future generations.

One last word: When reviewing genealogy (or history in general) it’s best NOT to pass judgement on how our ancestors lived in light of today’s 21st century values.

Presentism (prezenˌtizəm) which is popular today, is the tendency to interpret history in terms of current, modern values.

This is a “fool’s errand” that really serves NO purpose.

All you can be sure of is that each ancestor, during their time, did what they felt was best for their family and children.

I’m sure in the future, our descendants will probably look with dismay on what we do today. Human society adapts over time and is ever changing as are the conditions in which people find themselves.


John Henry Johnson

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