William Henry "Bill" JOHNSON - Media
William Henry "Bill" JOHNSON - Media
William Henry Johnson 2
JHJ collection, labeled on back "Grandpa Johnson"
1900 MO St Clair p182 Margaret A Burke
1900 MO St Clair p182 Margaret Ann Burke. James A(labert) Johnson age 37 (line 28), Mary a(nn) (Hurt) Johnson age 28 (line 29), Charles T(homas) Johnson age 9 (line 30), William H(enry) Johnson age 4 (line 31), James’ mother Margaret Ann (Hurt) Johnson age 59 (line 32) and her son Thomas H(enry) Hurt age 18 (line 33). Right above James Albert Johnson’s family is the Sarah Ellie (Hurt) Adcock family headed by Charles G. Adcock age 27 (line 21), Sarah E age 35 (line 22), William H age 18 (line 23), Adella age 24 (line 24), Annie M age 11 (line 25), Mabel H age 8 (line 26), Jessie A age 3 (line 27). Further above, on line Andrew Jackson Hurt age 27 (line 1), wife Jennie? age 26 (line 2), Minnie M age 5 (line 3), William H age 1 (line 4).
1910 WA King p127 James A Johnson
1910 WA King p127 James A Johnson. James Albert Johnson age 43 a Shingle Manager at a Shingle Mill (line 81), Mary Ann Hurt age 38 (line 82), Charles Thomas age 19 (line 83), William Henry Johnson age 13 (line 84), Zelpho Lee age 7 (line 85), Zelpha Marie age 7 (line 86), Ethel Mae age 3 (line 87). Donald Austin “Don” Johnson was born Oct 17, 1910 after this April 18, 1910 census.
Charles & William H. Johnson
JHJ collection, labeled on back "R. Grandpa Bill Johnson L. Tom Johnson (Grandpa Johnson's Brother")
William Henry Johnson
JHJ collection, labeled on back "William Henry Johnson "Arlington Colorado
William Henry Johnson store
JHJ collection, labeled on back "Grandpa Johnson on far right Union Hall Ellis, Kansas”, June 26, 1935 Another print of this image has on the back “Mrs. Madeline (Joe) Barnett Eds, Colorado June 26, 1935. Madeline Johnson from Joe Barnett Arlington, Colorado
James Albert Johnson family, standing
JHJ collection, left to right: Zelpha Marie, Zelpho Lee, Ethel Mae, William Henry "Bill", James Albert, Charles Thomas, Mary Ann (Hurt), Donald Austin "Don",
James Albert Johnson family
JHJ collection, labeled on back "1939-40 Arlington, CO. back row: Donald Austin "Don", Ethel Mae, Zelpha Marie, Zelpho Lee, front row: William Henry "Bill", James Albert, Mary Ann (Hurt), Charles Thomas
James & Mary Johnson children
James & Mary Johnson children, L to R: William Henry Johnson, Charles Thomas Johnson, Zelpho Lee Johnson, Zelpha Marie Johnson, Ethel Mae Johnson & Donald Austin Johnson
William Henry "Bill" Johnson, baby William Eugene "Billy Gene" Johnson & Floyd Eugene "Gene" Johnson
originally from Madeline Johnson collection, now in Michelle Kay Garner collection.
William Henry "Bill" Johnson & Harold Hays Griswould
William Henry "Bill" Johnson & Harold Hays Griswould, Home Guard 1918
Riverside school 1911-12
Riverside school 1911-12, left to right: Back row: 2nd boy Bill Johnson, Middle row far right: Zelpha, Front row: 3rd boy Zelpho, then Ethel. Postcard sent to William Johnson McCracken, Kans. “Long may you remeber our shool days at Riverside 1911-12. If you come to school here again next year - you must work hard and I’m sure you’ll make it all right. Your teacher Sophia John”
Arlington Rail Road Section 1934, Bill, Don, Harry
Arlington Rail Road Section 1934, Bill (William Henry “Bill” Johnson), Don (Donald Austin “Don” Johnson), Harry (Harold Hays Griswould)
William Henry Johnson WWI
William Henry Johnson WWI. U.S., World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918 Kansas Ellis County ALL Draft Card J.
William Henry Johnson WWII info
William Henry Johnson WWII info JHJ collection. U.S., World War II Draft Registration Cards, 1942 Colorado Johnson, J - Jones, Huge ALL.

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