Our American Family - Family Card
Our American Family - Family Card
Rome RYAN(26 Mar 1862 - 21 Apr 1942)
Mary Catherine MORROW(2 Jul 1863 - 6 Apr 1929)
b. 27 Dec 1897, Henry, Missouri
d. 18 Nov 1964, Vernon County, Missouri, age: 66
br. 20 Nov 1964, Nevada, Vernon County, Missouri, Newton Burial Park
occ. Painter-Paperhanger
b. 24 Jan 1900, Missouri
d. Jul 1987, Nevada, Vernon County, Missouri, age: 87
br. Nevada, Vernon County, Missouri, Newton Burial Park
Billy Bob RYAN(11 Aug 1924 - 29 Jun 1939)
Frederick Eugene “Gene” RYAN(17 Sep 1925 - 22 Mar 2012)
Lanelle M. RYAN(30 Nov 1933 - 11 Dec 1983)
Ferelle Ray RYAN(30 Apr 1936 - 20 Jul 2012)

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“I am bound to them though I cannot look into their eyes or hear their voices. I honor their history. I cherish their lives.
I will tell their story. I will remember them for I am the result of the very love, struggle, sacrifice and journey of thousands.”