Our American Family - Person Sheet
Our American Family - Person Sheet
NameNathan HURT 24
Birth Date1757
Birth PlaceBedford, Virginia
Death Dateaft 1800 Age: 43
Death PlaceGreen, Warren, Kentucky?
FatherMoses HURT (~1718-<1806)
MotherRuth TURNER (~1732->1806)
ChildrenAllen (1797-)
Notes for Nathan HURT
(1) Named in father's will dated 1 Feb 1802, probated 28 Jul 1806, Bedford Co. VA Will Book 3, pg. 121. (2) FHL# 0034425 item 13, Typescript of unpublished notes mostly concerning Hurts in Tidewater VA. (3) The Early Hurt Family of VA, Oscar H. Hurt, pgs. 12, 64, FHL# 854152-4. (4) Jun 2001: Pedigree Resource File CD 15 submitted by Daniel G. Bowling, 54 Artillery Dr., Columbus, Georgia 31903-4124 phone: 706-685-1405 <dgbowling@worldnet.att.net> date submitted: 20 May 2000 (5) Mar 1999: Patty and Andrew Hurt <ahurt@arn.net>

Nathan HURT was a brother of my grandfather, William HURT, but whether older or younger, I do not know. He came to Adair County at a very early day, probably before the year 1800. His dwelling stood near the line between the lands of John N. CONOVER and the BARGER farm and near to where the Sinking branch comes out of the ground in said CONOVER's field. I have not the date of his death nor any information in regard to it but it was several years previous to 1840. His family and descendants have all been gone from this county for a great many years except the VAUGHNs' and LEWIS' of whom I will hereafter write.
Nathan HURT was the father of the following children: 1.-Frances-who married Zachariah VIGRESS. Nothing else known. 
2.-Nathan HURT Jr. - nothing is known of him except that he was a very large and physically powerful man and a great pugilist. 
3.-Charles HURT- He was a constable in Adair County in 1810 and raised a family. His daughter Seney, was the wife of Daniel LEWIS. I saw her in the year 1885 when she was very old. She had a son, Wilson LEWIS who died about the year of 1880 and left several children, who have resided in the State of Texas for many years. A daughter of Seney LEWIS married John Wesley McKinney who resides in this county but I know of no descendants. Joel HURT (son of Alban HURT, who was the son of William HURT and a first cousin of Charles HURT) first married a daughter of Charles HURT. She died without descendants. Then Joel married CABBELL.
4.-Peyton - no information or tradition. 
5.-Mildred - married William WINN. 
6.-Allen - no knowledge of him.
7.-Ruth - married Jesse ROGERS.
8.-Dicey - Robert CALLISON.
9.-Sarah William VAUGHN. She had several children but I have never known the name of but one. Her son, Oliver C. VAUGHN died about the year 1874 or 75. He was the father of Oliver C. VAUGHN, Jr. and Bram VAUGHN. His daughters: 
(1) Zora married Thomas TURPIN; 
(2) Abbie married Geo. CHEATAM; 
(3) Minnie married Frank JUDD; 
(4) Laura married Thomas COOK; and 
(5) Helen married John CHARLES. 
Sarah HURT VAUGHN's family with the exception of Oliver C. went to Missouri many years ago.
Dr. (---moths---) HURT, who died about the year 1890 at Springfield, Tennessee, where he had resided for many years, was born in Adair County and was a grand son of Nathan HURT, Sr. but of which of his sons he was a son I do not know. Napolean B. HURT, who was a druggist at Lebanon, Kentucky. Henry HURT, once the proprietor of the Arlington Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky and Richard HURT, an actor, were brothers and were born in Todd County, Kentucky. They were also grandsons of Nathan HURT Sr., which one of his sons was their father I do not know, probably Allen or Peyton HURT. The above named children of Nathan HURT, Sr. seems to have disappeared from this county so long ago that no persons, during my recollections, have ever known anything of them except the little above stated by me. They seem to have gone before the year 1840.592
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