James Albert JOHNSON - Media
James Albert JOHNSON - Media
James Albert Johnson 1942
JHJ collection, labeled on back "approx 1942 James Albert Johnson b. Jun 20, 1863 d. Jan 9, 1948 His home Rocky Ford, Otereo Co, CO June Pierce has original", detail of larger image
1870 MO Barton p809
Clark Johnson age 35 (line 13), third wife Vienna “Vine” (McClure) Johnson age 32, William (Henry) Johnson age12, and then to add confusion there are two Marys and two James. From Clark and his first wife Sarah (McClure) Johnson’s famlly are: William (Henry) Johnson age12 (line 16), Mary A(deline) Johnson age 11 (line 17) and James A(lbert) Johnson age 9 (line 19).
1900 MO St Clair p182
James A(labert) Johnson age 37 (line 28), Mary a(nn) (Hurt) Johnson age 28 (line 29), Charles T(homas) Johnson age 9 (line 30), William H(enry) Johnson age 4 (line 31), James’ mother Margaret Ann (Hurt) Johnson age 59 (line 32) and her son Thomas H(enry) Hurt age 18 (line 33).
1910 WA King p127.tiff
1920 CO Kiowa p53
1930 CO Kiowa p309.tiff
1940 CO Kiowa p43
James Albert Johnson dc
James Albert Johnson, Mary Ann Hurt, Roea Ann "Roy" Ryan, Shirley Fayelene Johnson, Nancy Ann "Nicie" Ryan
James Albert Johnson, Mary Ann Hurt, Roea Ann "Roy" Ryan, holding Shirley Fayelene Johnson, Nancy Ann "Nicie" Ryan at Arlington, Colorado

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